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Question:HI, I am raising some show lambs for 4-H. MY lambs have been growing well and everything, but their bellies are looking quite fat and/or bloated... Why is this? They are also not due for worming yet... I am feeding them the recommended amount of feed (Purina Show Chow Grower) and each get a big handful of hay per day. I also have them have access to water 24/7. Also, do you know if shearing lambs makes them grow better? Thank.
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:I have 3 lambs and all are far ahead of schedual on their weight and one of them is already starting to finish. I was hoping to continue to finish them, but at the same time I don\'t want them to over-finish or get over weight, does anyone have any tips or advice?
Answer:I would set up a calendar based on time of show, estimated show weight, weekly weight gain and amount of feed fed. I would then adjust weekly based on what they weigh and my goals. If they are getting too fat, start exercising, increase protein and limit feed. I assume they are all eating in separate pens and you are monitoring daily intake. If not, need to do so.
Question:We have a market lamb that we can\'t get to brace. Any ideas of stuff we could try?
Answer:go to the home page and read about this in the lamb guide
Question:fitter 35 or champion drive for muscle in sheep? also how much hay should a show lamb get a day?
Answer:Handful of hay- either one
Question:i have a 90 pound lamb I would like to show. Initial weigh-in is in 8 days. Can I hold this lamb at 90 pounds safely?
Answer:May not be easy, but should be able to do so. Limit feed and two days before, cut the feed and limit the water
Question:My 10 year old daughter is having a hard time getting her ewe lamb to set up. When she pushes on her to brace her she either moves to the side or rares up on her back legs. Our fair is April 28 and I don\'t know what to do . It\'s only our second year in so any advice will be appreciated.
Answer:Sounds like a small exhibitor and head strong lamb. We train ours by putting them on an elevated table and pushing them backwards. If they fall off, they learn to drive. Problem you are going to have is your daughter being able to hold the lamb. As far as raring up, I teach to take the nose and force it back and up. Sounds like the ewe has developed bad habits. I would have an adult or older exhibitor train the lamb and then let your daughter show. Nothing is going to be easy with a young exhibitor trying to brace a hard headed lamb. Repetition.
Question:What are the best supplements to use to increase cover and condition? We\'ve always had to supplement with a liquid fat, but we can never quite get a good finish. Are the expensive additives worth the money?
Answer:I use honor show chow impulse and butter milk.
Question:I want to wrap my show lambs leg wool so they don\'t pull it out... will this stop it from growing? Is it harmful to leave it on for long periods of time?
Answer:I do not know. I have never wrapped one. We keep our lambs in separate pens and have not had an issue losing leg wool. Rinse the leg wool every 2-3 days and blow out. Do not comb it.
Question:what should the perfect weight of a show lamb be
Answer:Depends on your goals. Each show has set weight breaks. You need to decide what fits for you. Most judges use lambs from 135 up to win.
Question:Is it safe to out lambs back in the pen after we put down lime?
Answer:Yes- lime is just limestone.
Question:What is a daily routine anyone uses to help grow leg wool? Any tips or secrets
Answer:We rinse and blow the leg wool with a blower three times per week. Do not comb the wool. Some put on a non-adhesive bandage. I have not ever tried it. They either have it or they do not.
Question:We took a regular treadmill and converted it to a treadmill for the sheep by building a box around it. The only problem is the sheep tend to lean on the sides of the box and end up pushing the belt over to where it flips. Is there anything we can do to prevent this?
Answer:Narrow the box they stand in.
Question:How do you halter break a lamb
Answer:We start by tying them to a rubber bungee cord suspended from the ceiling. After they stop fighting the cord, they are basically halter broke. Do not leave them alone. Once they ease up off of the halter, give them a handful of hay and let them go.
Question:Please discuss proper exercise routines for a market lamb - we are new at this and are hoping to be a bit competitive! We prefer not to use a track as we do not have a dog; any other suggestions?
Answer:We use a walker and a treadmill. The walker is primarily to get them trained to walk with their head up at a certain speed, but it is exercise. We use the treadmill both forward and reversed. The reverse builds the lower leg muscle. I have seen many creative ways to exercise over the years. Go to the home page and read the lamb guide on exercise.
Question:How much grain should you give a lamb each day?
Answer:Between 2-4% of his body weight. The more the faster the gain. Ex. .02 x body weight = amount of feed in lbs. (or .04 x body weight) any in between will work.
Question:My daughter shows her market lamb in a week, and the weather is steadily getting warmer. I have noticed that our lamb\'s leg fullness and cover seems to be regressing, despite regular exercise and consistent feeding schedule along with supplements and hay. We are trying to keep them cool and hydrated. Any suggestions for maintaining their cover and freshness???
Answer:Add a fat additive to the feed. I use dyne and power fuel.
Question:My lamb stays extremely nervous even though I work with him several hours every day, and I have been doing this for months, is there any natural remedies I could use to help?
Answer:They sell tubes of additives that calm. Not sure if they work. My vet always suggested 5 ml of thiamine orally. I would also work the lamb for an extended period of time prior to showing.
Question:How do you get wrinkles out of a show lamb
Answer:You don't. Keep them clean with a blanket will help.
Question:Working on renovating our existing Ag Barn. Was wondering what you recommend for pen floor? 1. Concrete and shavings. 2. Dirt/Sand 3. Cedar Fiber Would like to be able to clean out yearly and sanitize with bleach or Nolvasan.
Answer:I have a 6x6 area that is concrete then base material covered with manufactured sand. Each pen is 6' wide and 24' long. When it gets cold, I put down shavings. With the coarser sand I can clean the pens with a blower.
Question:Can you show a ewe lamb if she\'s pregnant? Also how many years can you show a ewe?
Answer:Yes if it is a breeding show. Look at the rules for the shows you intend to enter. They will list the dates for breeding classes.
Question:How do you get a lambs stomach to drop
Answer:Feed as much as they can eat. Add hay
Question: can I use Glycerin on my show lamb to condition the skin
Answer:I have not used it. We use revive for the skin and wash with soap and conditioner.
Question:I have a Southdown that absolutely refuses to walk backwards on the treadmill. She either sits down or just walks with her back legs and slides of the front. Is there anything I can do about this??
Answer:Just keep on trying. Eventually she may catch on.
Question:I have tried everything to grow shag and he just won\'t put any on. He had a bunch when he was smaller but now he doesn\'t have any. My county is next week. Is it possible that a judge will overlook that he doesn\'t have any shag, and see him for the other qualitys he has?
Answer:I do not know. It is genetic and maintenance. They either have it or they do not. If they do, Keep it clean.
Question:What is the best whitening shampoo for sheep
Answer:I use Dollar general suave shampoo and conditioner in one. Works great. I also wash three times over 7 days prior to shearing.
Question:What are the best muscle building supplements for show lambs
Answer:You need a protein supplement. I use Honor show chow Champion drive
Question:I am currently raising a lamb for my school show but he currently has a respiratory infection that won\'t go away. He has received shots of antibiotics but no permanent process has been made. Do you have any suggestion on how to treat the infection?
Answer:Check with your vet
Question:What is the normal weight gain you want in a market lamb per week?
Answer:I usually figure about 10 lbs per month, so 2.5 lbs per week. All are different based on many factors
Question:I have a cross Hampshire and Suffolk weather and he has a slight dip in his back. I rise his feed bowl and have him step on cinder blocks to feed. Could this be the reason? Any solutions to fixing it?
Answer:Not sure without seeing him. Check with your adult leader or advisor.
Question:I wrote the post below about the fine wool not eating and I would like to say thank you for responding and do you have a preference between giving him alfalfa vs. hay grazer or coastal hay?
Answer:I use alfalfa
Question:Hi, I have a fine wool whether lamb that does not finish his feed. Originally, I was feeding him dry purina show chow but adding mineral and stand alone supplement to it and he would eat everything but the pellets. Now I have added purina heavy weight supplement along with the other supplements and have added water as well and he still leaves half of the feed I give him. he weighs 96 pounds and I\'m giving him a pound and a half per feeding. We\'ve tried probias, vitamin B12 shots, molasses, and oats in his feed but he still won\'t finish it. Our county show is in 2 months so I need him to start eating everything soon. He has been exercised on the treadmill once a week and doesn\'t act like he is sick.
Answer:Full feed is 3 .5 percent of body weight. At 96 lbs this would be about 3.5 lbs. Not all lambs will eat this much. I would take all of the supplements out and just use the feed plus a small amount of alfalfa hay to increase his rumen.
Question:i have a ewe that is abnomally skinny, have been feeding protien and lots of good hay for over 3 months and she wont gain any wieght. she also stands funny on her back end from time to time. She has been dewormed 4 months ago , has a great appetite.
Answer:take a stool sample to the vet to see what is going on. He will advise on how to get her going.
Question:I read on this page that Dorset sheep are medium wool, but all the shows we go to put them in fine wool. Why is this?
Answer:Not sure. Dorsets are a Medium wool meat breed. They are solid white like Rambouillets and Delaine Merino, so they fit the color pattern of fine wools.
Question:Trying to put muscle on my show wether, any good minerals or proteins I should put him on for fast gain in muscle?
Answer:A high quality show feed, exercise and a fat additive.
Question:what can i do to make my lambs leg wool grow
Answer:rinse daily, blow out and brush should stimulate growth
Question:At home my lamb does perfect he sets up good and braces but when I get in the show ring he doesn\'t set up or brace what can I do to make him set up and brace
Answer:Practice a lot. Sometimes when you get away from the barn, they tend to act differently. Might help to change up your daily routine and walk him away from the barn in different directions and set up.
Question:What supplements do I need & where can I get a treadmill for my lamb?
Answer:Not sure about a treadmill. Seek on google.
Question:We had sand in our lamb pens and this year changed to quarter to dust limestone. This year we seem to have a lot more dust and respiratory problems. We spray down the pens once or twice a day to try to decrease the amount of dust, What is the best ground cover for lamb pens?
Answer:We use a manufactured coarse sand that works great.
Question:I have a Southdown that turned out really long when I sheered him and he\'s super small and I can\'t get to gain weight or fill out and he\'s getting a big scoop of food twice a day. What can I do to get him filled out
Answer:Feed, water and exercise
Question:i have dorper, i was told he is to wrinkly and i was wondering why this is and what i could do to prevent/get rid of them.
Answer:You need to manage his hide. Keep him clean. Blanket when sheared. The type of hide cannot be changed much. If he has a lot of wrinkles, not going to go away. Need to select one with a tight hide.
Question:MY sheep is acting like its dead it has been laying there for 6 hours and it is a little cold so I put a blanket on it and it didn\'t help, I was too scared to check so I don\'t know if its dead. Should I check?
Answer:Call the vet.
Question:Is there a supplement or mineral that will stop a lamb from pulling out leg hair?
Answer:Not that I know of. Wrap the legs with a leg wrap to prevent and/ or muzzle the lamb.
Question:If I have a Dorset Sheep, what do I classify him as? A medium wool or a Finewool?
Answer:Dorsets are a medium wool breed.
Question:My lamb has not ate for the past 4 days he had direha but now he\'s just not pooping at all. What should I do?
Answer:Take him to a veterinarian.
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