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Question:Best show lamb feeding program
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:We have a show lamb and we are walking her a lot but we notice when she starts getting hot she starts coughing is something wrong? What can we do to fix that?
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:How soon before a show should a lamb be sheared?
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:How soon before a show should a lamb be sheared?
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:My ewe is a great halter leader but when it comes to leading with my hand she won\'t budge. I have tried leading with halter and hands at the same time. My sister has even tried to shove her forward while I lead with my hands. Her dock is very long and I have tried to pull on it and all she does is stand there. I have tried doing the ear thing too and the same thing happens. Like I said she is an angel on the halter but won\'t budge with my hands. Any advice on what to do would be great!
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:will corn add weight on my 4-h lamb fast
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:If you use a drench 7-10 days out before a show, can you stop after the show until the next one or is a drench something you recommend that once you start you should continue daily? Thanks!
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:I have a buck prospect that I like other than he does not have a square loin edge. He is 3 months old and is more rounded in this area. Will this fill out as he ages or will this never change. Thx
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:Is there any way to set up a lamb without using your hands to move their feet?
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:What\'s a good daily leg hair routine for lambs?
Answer:I would leave it alone for the most part. Keep them out of mud, brush to stimulate growth.
Question:What is one of the best feeds to have winning lambs?
Answer:Several good feeds out there. Depends on what part of the country your are from. I like Honor Show Chow- they make a 15% and 18% complete show lamb feed and also a protein and fat additive. You can see there feeding strategies by searching HONOR SHOW CHOW goat feeding strategies. I always recommend that you find a reputable feed dealer and stay with them.
Question:Will changing from a corn based show feed to a barley based one make a lamb loose some muscle shape such as in the stifle area?
Answer:Probably not. Lambs need a specific diet daily. It can come from many feed sources. Make sure the feed is complete and balanced for show lambs.
Question:I have a wether and a ewe that are really nice, but are developing what I call a \"saggy belly\". Our first show is Aug. 1, what do you recommend to pull that sagging belly back up? Thanks
Answer:A saggy belly would come from overeating that allows the rumen to increase in size. Usually over a period of time. Make sure they are getting the amount of feed needed daily, but not over feeding. Feed multiple times per day in smaller amounts. Limit hay if the feed is complete and has enough fiber without extra hay. See feed tag to find out.
Question:I have a market lamb that weighs around 110lbs and I have been walking him for ever night for 5days. His hind leg is getting really stiff and when I set him up he doesn\'t move that leg back. What should I do?
Answer:I doubt the walking caused the issue. From what you say, he has something bothering his leg. I would take him to the vet to have it checked out.
Question:My lamb is constantly trying to chew on his legs. What can I do to stop it?
Answer:Find out why he is chewing on his legs. Does he have parasites bothering him? IF so, get rid of the parasites. You have to know what is causing the issue to fix the issue.
Question:Hi, I was just wondering how exactly I can fit my show lamb\'s leg. He has a lot of leg hair on his hind legs but not much up front.
Answer:I usually block them by shearing the extra wool off to make the leg look smooth and thick. Something that I cannot explain through a message without showing you how to do it. Find an adult leader, Ag Teacher, etc. that knows how to do it to show you.
Question:How can I tell how much finish my lamb has?
Answer:Only real way is to sonogram. Judges handle the lambs over the ribs- most look for between .2-.25 inches of finish over the 12th rib where the loin turns down into the rib.
Question:My show wether weighs about 120 lbs and our fair is in 3 weeks. He is tall and long bodied but lacks substance in his leg, isn\'t straight over his top, and wrinkles when touched over his loin. He gets 2 lbs of Club master feed a day plus a flake of hay due to digestion issues. I run him 4 times a week for 15 minutes and he eats on an incline. What should I do to \'fix\' what can be fixed? Thanks!
Answer:Very difficult for me to advise without seeing the lamb. 2 lbs of feed for a 120 lamb is 1.67 % of his body weight in feed which is not enough to gain muscle or finish. I would feed 3% of his bodyweight= 3.6 lbs per day (at least 2 feedings) add a fat additive. I would not feed any hay if the feed is complete- read the feed tag- should have 15% fiber or you would have to add hay, but only a handful twice a day. I also do not believe in feeding on an incline- could be cause of wrinkles in loin. As far as leg muscle, not much you can do to increase other than the exercise and a 18% protein feed.
Question:What does it mean when someone says an exhibitor pumps their lamb? Or airs it?
Answer:I am not sure, but it is illegal to use practices like this in the 4H and FFA project program.
Question:Hi I was wondering if when I shear my 4h showmanship and market lamb I shear off or a round the sack the testicals used to be in
Question:I have an absolutely amazing speckle faced lamb and in the past few weeks every time I set him up he goes post legged. He hasn\'t always done it and doesn\'t do it every time. What can I do?
Answer:I cant answer this one without seeing what you are explaining. If he is post legged, he would walk post legged, not just drive post legged. Seek advise from a local expert.
Question:My market lamb won\'t eat this morning and has soft sticky poop. What do I do?
Answer:May have overeaten or has a stomach issue. Take him off of feed and give some hay. Should correct in 24 hours. IF not, take a stool sample to the vet to see what is going on.
Question:What\'s a good leave in conditioner that doesn\'t require rinsing out for every day at home to promote leg hair growth?
Answer:Show sheen, mane and tail conditioner are two I have used. I usually rinse out mane and tail.
Question:What kind of drench do you recommend and how soon do you start using before a show? Thanks
Answer:I use show shake. Start about 10 days out.
Question:Are you familiar with the term \"sickle hock\" and how do you correct it in show sheep?
Answer:You do not correct structure issues. Sickle hock means that they have too much set in their legs. When they walk, they put their feet too far forward. It is called sickle because it resembles the shape of a sickle. Most lambs that are sickle hocked are also cow hocked which means the hocks turn it from the back. Do not start with a show lamb that has structure issues.
Question:My lamb had super long and amazing leg hair, I went to feed and almost all of it was gone on one of his back legs and is beginning to be gone on his other back leg. What can I do to stop it?
Answer:Not sure why he is losing the hair. Maintain the hair like you would your own. Keep is clean, use conditioner and brush. It should grow back. Dirt and mud are your enemies with leg hair. Also need to make sure others are not picking at it. If sheep are lacking fiber in their diets they will wool pick and hair pick.
Question:what do you suggest for using treadmill on show lambs? How long and how fast?
Answer:Sure. Any exercise is good. I have used them. Have to be careful and stay with them while on the treadmill and may take some time to train them to walk on it. Length of time- I would start with feeding them while on the treadmill and increase time from there. Only as fast as they would walk in the show ring.
Question:we have a show lamb and she has quit eating what ideas do you have to help to help her eat we have tried insure it doesn\'t help.
Answer:Lambs have a sensitive digestive system. She may be off feed for several reasons, but probably has stomach issues. Always go back to the basics. May work to put her on grass for a few days (natural). Add hay may help and check your feed. It may have issues that you cannot smell, but she can. Try a new bag or different type of feed.
Question:How do you get show lambs harder? My lambs are soft. I am not sure what to do.
Answer:Same way you train an athlete. Proper diet and exercise.
Question:I\'ve watched a few open shows this year here in indiana and I\'ve been noticing the one thing these animals got that I ain\'t got is muscle pop. It\'s almost like the have the right amount of finish and fill but thier hind quarters are very defined almost like a body builder. My question is: how is that achieved? Is it something people are feeding or just with holding water? Is it the use of illegal steroids? I\'m not one for playing that game but if this definition is coming from a feed supplement or something above the table I would sure like to know for my own benefit. So, does anyone out there know? Thanks in advance.
Answer:Good question. I assume these are show wethers. Definition comes from proper nutrition and exercise. You are creating an athlete. Holding water makes the muscle shrink, so not recommended. There are no secret feeds. Compare feeding lambs to feeding athletes in training. Most are on a high protein diet with minimal carbs. Lambs must have fiber in their diets, so I recommend feeding a high quality name brand lamb feed designed for show lambs. (just makes sense). Go to to see feeding strategies for HSC. There could be some illegal use of drugs going on at summer prospect shows, but it is "illegal" and not worth attempting. I believe the combination for winning is finding the right lamb (genetics) and developing a great feeding/ exercise/ showmanship program.
Question:I walk my four lambs down the driveway every other day ( I treadmill one day then run them the next) the one lamb always fights the halter and pulls back. How do I get him to stop doing this? Also I get the dog(she\'s a kelpie) to sprint/jog them back up the hill. They run about a half mile. Is this workout too intense for them? They get Sundays off but they do this every day
Answer:Sounds like a pretty good program to me. I commend you an you time commitment. If they are getting to thin in flesh, you either have to add fat (energy) to the feed or cut back on the exercise. If one pulls back, just need to work more at teaching him to walk with the halter. I would take him and one other on a walk together away from barn. Dock him if he pulls back and walk beside him, not in front. Several days with repetition and he should walk fine.
Question:I have a lovely lamb that Im going to be showing in about a month. He\'s very friendly with a good build and handles well. His only issue is that he doesn\'t have a lot of leg hair (he has some but its not as full as id like). Any tips to get it to grow faster so that his back legs look more square?
Answer:Just manage the hair. Keep it clean, stimulate with a brush.
Question:I am trying to decide if I should show my ewe lamb in a commercial ewe class or market class. She is currently 90 pounds and has been shown in 2 market classes and the judges have said they liked how big topped she is but she is just soft handling. I have been exercising her. I guess I am just wondering what judges look for in a ewe class compared to a market class.
Answer:Breeding will focus more on structure, body capacity, female characteristics, Market will focus more on muscle and carcass traits
Question:Have 4 lambs 2 of them aren\'t gaining weight so separated them from the two that are gaining and still no gain,no scours,no signs of sickness 45 days to fair these to weight around 80lb feeding purina show lamb grower any help why not gaining thanks
Answer:I would separate all of them and feed separate. Analyze how much they are eating per day. Stool sample to vet to make sure no internal parasites. might want to switch over to a show lamb feed.
Question:How do I get my lamb to walk without a halter? she just stops and wont go I tried the dock thing I have tried extra laps and extra tie with just that lamb and she still won\'t walk without the halter.
Answer:Just takes time and repetition. I like to take them away from their pen- leading with a halter, take the halter off and lead by hand back. Try to think like they do- lambs are not very smart. We try to teach them to move forward when we pull on their right ear as we teach them to walk. We pull the ear forward.
Question:Is it a good way to exercise by making the sheep pull a heavy object to work back legs? Say a 110lbs sheep pulling a 50-60 lb object will it strain them too much?
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:Every time I set my lamb up he always wants to pull away and hunch up his top. I\'ve been working with him awhile and usually by now they will stop but he won\'t give up. Anything else I can do?
Answer:If he is pulling back, you have taught him to do so. My guess is that you are pulling on his head and his natural reaction is to pull back. You are going to have to re-train him to learn to push into you when you drive with your legs. Try not to pull on his head.
Question:do you have a leg wool routine? Ive been blowing out, putting pink oil and vingear (so they dont pick at eachother since they dont like the smell). is there anything you would recomend? My lambs have a ton of shag so they are hard to keep clean. Thanks
Answer:I see a few feeders that wrap the lower legs with the same material used to wrap horse legs. I always just managed the way I did the wool. Keep the clean and covered with a blanket. Also keep them muzzled.
Question:Do you recommend shearing just weaned lambs, or wait closer to beginning of show season. I have heard two different opinions. 1) No, don\'t shear because you don\'t want them to peak too fast and 2) Yes, shear because you want to go ahead and promote the growth of their muscle/bone structure early. I don\'t want my lambs to peak too early, could you please share with me your thoughts. Thanks for your help!
Answer:We shear them. I do not see how shearing makes them "peak" too fast. Never heard of this.
Question:our fairs/ shows do not allow any type of drenching or bottles. what can i add to water that our lambs will like to drink
Answer:sugar- you can teach them to drink by masking the taste with a little sugar
Question:a recent judge told me my lamb has a round top....i have never heard this term this something i can change or improve upon?
Answer:I can only speculate on what he means. My guess is that the top muscle "rolls" off each side of his spine instead of being flat and square. The muscle behind the shoulder should appear like a 2x4 under the skin for a square top.
Question:I have a lamb weighing approx 60 lbs. Initially we had no intention of showing him and did not dock his tail as short as required, but he has grown to be a strong show prospect. Is it possible to dock the extra inch or so that remains?
Answer:Yes- needs to be done surgically. Find a local vet that has experience in doing so. They have a large blood vessel that runs underneath the tail. It is not an easy fix. If you can get an elastrator band on close enough to the point that you want it to be, it will also work. Leave it on for 7-10 days and then cut on the outside of the band and it should not bleed. Leave the band on for a few more days. If you do not have experience in docking- see a vet.
Question:Question about banding, the ram lambs are banded and have been for about a week and a half, should I wait for the testicles to fall off or go ahead and cut them off?
Answer:CHeck with your vet, but I usually cut the sack off and try to leave the band in place until it falls off.
Question:Do you recommend feeding top dress from the beginning?
Answer:I usually use a fat additive from the beginning. Most of the lamb feeds are formulated to keep lambs lean and do not have enough fat. You need about 4% to get the lambs fresh. I usually do not add a protein supplement unless the lamb is too fat or needs more muscle and growth.
Question:My family and I are very competitive with lambs. We bought a lamb online this year and he is extremely green, however, we like him. Our one concern is that he really breaks in his hip-loin junction. Will he fill in once he gets some feed in him? Thanks.
Question:When it comes down to the final 2 market sheep and it is the final drive. Say the 2 sheep are almost identical in body mass, shape and muscle but 1 is a smidge longer and the other has more bone. I know all judges are different but which sheep do you think the majority will chose?
Answer:Tough question to answer. I would have to see both lambs side by side to decide.
Question:I just bought a sheep from a huge breeder for 1000 dollars the wether was DEFINATLY worth it. I know the breeder goes to all the shows to talk and see their sheep and their owners. He said i picked one of the best ones right away and i dont want to let him down by letting the sheep lose everything. I feed high noon and was wondering about the best exercise, Short fast hard sprints 2x a day or long jogs?
Answer:Go to the home page and read the lamb guide.
Question:I just took my lamb to a prospect show and my lamb kept jumping on me. He never jumps at home when I work with him. The judge told me I was a great showman and I was able to keep control of my lamb, but I just can\'t make him stop jumping. How do I make my lamb stop jumping before the fair next month?
Answer:Repetition at home.
Question:what is the purpose of a show rail and what will it do for my lamb.
Answer:Do not know what a show rail is.
Question:It is Mid March...our show is in mid July... to build up leg muscle, do you recommend feeding lambs in an elevated feeder (say 46 inches) and that their front feet are on an elevated object so that they can reach the feeder. If yes, when should I start with the time line listed above?
Answer:I do not feed elevated. Exercise will build the leg muscle.
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