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Question:We have a Black head that weighed in at 137lbs and there are a lot of wrinkles. We feed him 2.5lbs of pink tag feed twce a day. Should I add water to the feed to prevent the wrinkles?
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:It\'s December and my lamb has too much fat for my liking and my ag teacher told me to feed it powerfuel in October but I didn\'t, and i was wondering if I started feeding it her now if it would do anything, and if so what would it do? Our county show is January 18
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:I have an ewe that has a short neck and her body isnt very long and she is younger than her siblings which are also at my barn. Her siblings look amazing but she is very small compared to them. Could she possibly catch up to them and possibly do well at a county show?
Answer:Probably not.
Question:How would you recommend building up muscle mass in a lamb, particularly in the rump?
Answer:Set up an exercise program Think about what you would do if you wanted to build muscle for yourself. Create a similar workout for the lamb.
Question:Have a lamb that is 9 months old. Will be showing in a major TX show in about 6 weeks. The lamb has too much fat deposit on his rack for my liking. Lamb is big (~170 lbs) - grew very fast. We have lowered grain (18% protein) to about 1.25 lbs twice daily (noon and evening) and currently feed Purina Lamb Show Chow. Was feeding alfalfa but recently (within last week) switched to Timothy grass because that is what the feed store had. We exercise lamb daily (evenings) and have been for about two weeks now. Lamb is naturally muscular but top is not desirable. What suggestions can you share to try and remove (decrease) excess fat deposits over top of rack?
Answer:If the lamb is too fat, you should decrease fat, increase protein and exercise. I suggest you seek advice from someone in your area that is considered a lamb expert. It is difficult for me to recommend anything w/o seeing the lamb. Most judges today (especially the ones from the North) like the fatter lambs because in gives them the smooth appearance. Make sure you fit the lamb to the judge. The lamb that won San Antonio last year had over .3 " of fat over the rib.
Question:Can you spray rubbing alcohol on your lamb to harden the muscles?
Answer:You can spray rubbing alcohol on the lamb. It may give them a cool sensation that makes them tense their muscles, but it isn't going to last very long. Pretty strong smell. Try it at home and see if you like the results before you try it at a show.
Question:How do you make the lamb have more muscle without excerise?
Answer:You don't. If you want to create an athlete, you have to treat them like an athlete in training.
Question:whats the best way to fill in the loin?
Answer:Usually need to add a little fat to the diet. I like Honor Show Chow power fuel. See the Honor show chow website for feeding strategies for lambs.
Question:How would you recommend promoting wool growth in a medium wool lamb. One of my wethers hasn\'t been growing hardly any wool on his legs.
Answer:There are several "hair" growing products on the market. Our lamb has limited wool on his legs as well. We are currently using "Shaply's" MTG (mane-tail-groom). Purchased at Tractor supply. We spray it on and rub it in to the legs twice a week. I do not know if it works or not, it was recommended by a friend I consider an expert with show lambs. In my opinion, nothing is going to produce drastic results. We try to keep the legs clean, apply the MTG, and work the wool to stimulate. It has a distinct odor, so I recommend wearing rubber gloves when applying.
Question:My lamb\'s back rump is higher than the rack and top of the shoulder because of muscle. Is there any way I could flatten the two more? Her rack and top of the shoulder kind of slant down. Like an exercise?
Answer:It sounds like you are describing the "jump" muscles located on the top of the rump. If so, some lambs have a round muscle shape which causes this muscle to stick out/ up. Typically, the loin and hip junction is not level and "rolls" off. I do not know of anything that would change the muscle structure. You can add fat to her diet to increase the amount of fat that deposits down the top. This will help smooth out the area a little.
Question:Several years ago I purchased the best blankets ever! I can not for the life of me find where I purchased! The canvas is great but most of all, because it had a belly strap like a lifejacket instead of the double D ring- The kids and I were not wrestling finewools every afternoon and morning because they slipped...Any suggestions on where I might find these?
Answer:I use the ones made by Weaver. They have the clips.
Question:What size sock/blanket should I buy for a southdown show lamb. Weighs about 95 pounds now. Should I buy one size larger? Not sure how fast they will out grow or grow into their blankets... etc
Answer:You will have to go off of the recommended weight range for the blanket. One size larger is a lot better than too small. We have several for different weights.
Question:What size sock/blanket should I buy for a southdown show lamb. Weighs about 95 pounds now. Should I buy one size larger? Not sure how fast they will out grow or grow into their blankets... etc
Answer:I am not sure. Check the blanket info on the package to match the size with the lamb. You generally want two or three blankets of different sizes so you have one for different weights as they grow. You might get away with purchasing one that is too big at first. Just be careful. Large blankets can cause them to get caught up in the blanket.
Question:Does Natural Fill have to be fed from the start of your feeding program or can it be added a few weeks before the show? If yes, what is the ratio of grain/fill?
Answer:I have never fed Natural Fill. From what their website says- it is a feed source(protein, fat and fiber). Primarily adds fiber to maintain proper rumen function. If you feed a high quality show lamb feed you will get everything that you need in the feed bag. If the feed is not complete, the feed tag will tell you what to add. Ex- add hay for roughage. The benefit of feeding a product like NF is that it keeps the rumen working effectively and keeps them fuller if you are limiting feed. The problem that could result is an extended rumen- especially in show wethers.
Question:At what night temps should you blanket a lamb?
Answer:Depends on how much wool they have. Simply watch the lambs- you can tell if they are cold- then put on a blanket. We typically keep a blanket on when they are fresh sheared- two weeks or less.
Question:Will a product like Fast Fuel or Show Shake make a lambs top and loin feel harder or soft? Also, will these products make a lamb hyper and harder to control? Lamb has plenty of cover and weight and appetite are fine. Just need to harden up the feel of loin and top. He is super jumpy and next to impossible for a very experienced showman to handle and only seems to get worse with every show. Any suggestions? We have been showing him since June and he\'s been to about 5 shows so far.
Answer:First answer on additives. There is nothing out there that works miracles. Each animal has the genetic potential to be so good (or wide in top). The reason we feed products like show shake is to slim down the rumen (belly). It is a common practice to pull the lamb off of feed and water for a period of time prior to weigh in to lower their weight and get into a lighter class- hopefully improve our chances with smaller sheep. Some lambs can be pulled and some cannot- depends on condition and fill. When you pull water, the muscle cells shrink. When you give them water- they expand back to hydrated fullness. Nothing will ever create more top than they had prior to pulling weight. As far as you hyper lamb- I would work with him 7 days a week- a lot of walking and setting up. I would determine how long it takes for him to settle down during each workout and when I got to a show, I would "work" him out the same amount of time prior to showing. Basically, tire him out to the point that he works effectively.
Question:What size pen should you keep a show lamb in? Why a big pen vs a small pen or vice versa.
Answer:Our pens are 6' wide and 24 feet long. We take the lamb out daily for exercise
Question:I have a show lamb that is 133 pounds when he is set up he tends to over drive and breaks at his loin and hind saddle. any suggestions?
Answer:Yes- you have to learn how to drive the lamb so he doesn't break.
Question:I have a 5 month old ewe lamb. She is a hamp x but almost full hamp. She hasnt gotten much taller in the past 2 months but she is gaining weight perfectly fine. Is there anyway I can get her to grow taller faster?
Answer:Only thing you can do is feed a high quality feed and exercise. Her genetic potential for height is based on genetics.
Question:I have a 5 month old ewe lamb. She is a hamp x but almost full hamp. She hasnt gotten much taller in the past 2 months but she is gaining weight perfectly fine. Is there anyway I can get her to grow taller faster?
Answer:NOt really. Proper diet and exercise to reach her genetic potential.
Question:How much water should I give my lamb at a show
Answer:It varies depending on size of lamb, temperature, amount of work, etc. At least 2% of bodyweight.
Question:would you recommend walking lambs backwards on a treadmill?
Answer:I do not use a treadmill, so cannot advise.
Question:I have a lamb the the bigger he gets the more his right leg turns out. It might have slightly been present when he was smaller. Is there any way to trim his hoove in a way to turn it back in
Answer:Probably, but hard to tell without seeing him. You can trim the inside hoof shorter to try to make him turn back in. Find someone that is knowledgeable in your are and seek their advise.
Question:what can you put on the lamb skin to help with scars from a dog
Answer:I would ask your vet. I have used corona antiseptic salve on them for similar problems.
Question:Home made show shake
Answer:I do not have one. I like Show Shake
Question:I just want to thank the folks who offer advice
Answer:You are welcome- Jim Missildine I own this site. it is all free
Question:I have a lamb that is 150 lbs. Our fait weight limit is 140. I have been walking it. only feeding it 1 cup of rolled oats and put a tube on it. It is a very muscular lamb. no matter the small amount of feed or exercise I give it the lamb does not lose weight. help my fair is in 7 days!!
Answer:The limited feed is not going to do much quickly. The fastest way to pull weight is hold water. When the weather is cool- we have pulled them for 24 hours- no feed or water. After 24- you can continue to limit water- needs a at least 60-80 ounces.
Question:I have a 125 market medium wool wether and he has begun to break at the loin. He is very square and flat topped with a lot of muscular definition, just can\'t seem to fill in the loin. Any suggestions?
Answer:Just add fat to the ration. The extra fat down the top is what gives the smooth appearance.
Question:We just finished our County Fair and we were told my daughter lamb was too fresh.. What exactly does that mean? I thought you wanted your lamb fresh and not stale or soft.
Answer:I don't know. Fresh typically means "fatter". You would have to get the judge to explain.
Question:We bought a lamb from a sale in April. She has been with our home-raised lambs and a few other lambs we have purchased this spring. The lamb in question hasn\'t grown more than 25 pound since we bought her. She has been wormed and treated for coccidiosis but still scours at times without changes in her feed. Any thoughts on what can be done to help her gain weight?
Answer:Stool sample to the vet to find out what is wrong.
Question:My ewe lamb has gotten very skinny in the past month, but I have wormed her twice. Just in the past couple of days she hasn\'t been acting quite like herself. She lays in the corner and is rejected by the other two moms. Could she be skinny because of being lonely and rejected by the other moms? I mean she doesn\'t have much of an appetite, she can barely eat a handful of food.
Answer:Probably internal parasites. Take a stool sample to the vet to find out.
Question:How to fill in dock an hind saddle
Answer:Extra fat in the diet. Only thing that will fill it in is fat deposits
Question:How often should you shear lambs in the summer
Answer:Depends. We are not shearing because we are not showing. The natural oils in the wool keep the hide conditioned. Also- if you shear often in the summer, you promote growth. If you want them to grow, shear more often. We want our lamb to stay a little smaller, so we are not shearing. IF you do shear, put on a light weight blanket to protect the hide.
Question:Ok I have a 130 pound weather cross born who Is 5 months old and a 5 month old 97 pound Southdown weather The cross is getting a pound and a half of Jacoby The Southdown is getting a pound of Jacoby red tag ( 16% protein and 3% fat) And they are both getting alfpha and get run every morning at least half a mile... should I have added protein to their diets?
Answer:The range is usually 14-18%, so you are in the middle. Probably enough to provide the needed protein to build muscle. The only time I raise protein is when I have an early maturing lamb that wants to get fat. The only time I lower protein is when I have a lamb that will not put on any fat.
Question:I have a lamb that would be absoluley amazing if I could get some cover on him but I can\'t get him to eat. What can I do to get him to eat all of his food?
Answer:First thing I would do is try different types of feed. Name brand- reputable company- complete show feed. Next I would add a fat supplement. I like honor show chow power fuel.
Question:Can a lamb gain 20lb in 12 days
Answer:No way. That would be a daily gain of almost 2 lbs per day. Not going to happen. They gain around 1/4-1/3 lb per day.
Question:i want to give my lamb melatonin to help calm it would you suggest feeding it to him and how long before the show? will it even work also?
Answer:I do not know. It is not labeled for lambs, so it is illegal to use for most shows. Check the show rules to know for sure. I have never used it. If I have a hyper lamb, I make sure we take him out of the pen and exercise a lot prior to showing to slow him down.
Question:Best show lamb feeding program
Answer:I like Honor Show Chow. See the web and search Honor Show Chow lamb feeding strategies. Several really good feeds out there. I always recommend selecting a reputable feed dealer that you like to do business with.
Question:We have a show lamb and we are walking her a lot but we notice when she starts getting hot she starts coughing is something wrong? What can we do to fix that?
Answer:THis is a vet question. I would check with your local veterinarian.
Question:How soon before a show should a lamb be sheared?
Answer:We usually shear the day before. Some with fine blades and some with surgical. Simply do a trial a month prior to the show to see what works the best for your lamb.
Question:My ewe is a great halter leader but when it comes to leading with my hand she won\'t budge. I have tried leading with halter and hands at the same time. My sister has even tried to shove her forward while I lead with my hands. Her dock is very long and I have tried to pull on it and all she does is stand there. I have tried doing the ear thing too and the same thing happens. Like I said she is an angel on the halter but won\'t budge with my hands. Any advice on what to do would be great!
Answer:Think like the lamb. What are you doing different with a halter from the hands? Persistency usually wins here. We halter break, then lead by halter, then lead by hand. Take her away from her pen with the halter and lead back by hand. If she balks, make sure you are standing beside her- behind her head and not pulling her from in front. Use some type of signal to make her go. We tap them on the opposite side.
Question:will corn add weight on my 4-h lamb fast
Answer:No- It is part of most livestock feeds and provided needed nutrients. Some feed a little extra corn to add fat.
Question:If you use a drench 7-10 days out before a show, can you stop after the show until the next one or is a drench something you recommend that once you start you should continue daily? Thanks!
Answer:Depends on what you are using it for. Most people use a drench as a meal replacement. This helps to tighten the rumen and give a show look. It also adds minerals and vitamins for stress. Always try a drench 6 weeks in advance to make sure there are no adverse effects. If we are going to use a drench, we start a few days out and usually stop after the show.
Question:I have a buck prospect that I like other than he does not have a square loin edge. He is 3 months old and is more rounded in this area. Will this fill out as he ages or will this never change. Thx
Answer:Not sure, but probably not.
Question:Is there any way to set up a lamb without using your hands to move their feet?
Answer:Yes, most exhibitors that I watch usually set the back feet, but I have seen others that simply move into the brace position and the lamb auto sets his feet.
Question:What\'s a good daily leg hair routine for lambs?
Answer:I would leave it alone for the most part. Keep them out of mud, brush to stimulate growth.
Question:What is one of the best feeds to have winning lambs?
Answer:Several good feeds out there. Depends on what part of the country your are from. I like Honor Show Chow- they make a 15% and 18% complete show lamb feed and also a protein and fat additive. You can see there feeding strategies by searching HONOR SHOW CHOW goat feeding strategies. I always recommend that you find a reputable feed dealer and stay with them.
Question:Will changing from a corn based show feed to a barley based one make a lamb loose some muscle shape such as in the stifle area?
Answer:Probably not. Lambs need a specific diet daily. It can come from many feed sources. Make sure the feed is complete and balanced for show lambs.
Question:I have a wether and a ewe that are really nice, but are developing what I call a \"saggy belly\". Our first show is Aug. 1, what do you recommend to pull that sagging belly back up? Thanks
Answer:A saggy belly would come from overeating that allows the rumen to increase in size. Usually over a period of time. Make sure they are getting the amount of feed needed daily, but not over feeding. Feed multiple times per day in smaller amounts. Limit hay if the feed is complete and has enough fiber without extra hay. See feed tag to find out.
Question:I have a market lamb that weighs around 110lbs and I have been walking him for ever night for 5days. His hind leg is getting really stiff and when I set him up he doesn\'t move that leg back. What should I do?
Answer:I doubt the walking caused the issue. From what you say, he has something bothering his leg. I would take him to the vet to have it checked out.
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