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Question:My lamb roaches really bad. When I push his back down he roaches more or he squats down. What can I do?
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:My lamb roaches really bad. When I push his back down he roaches more or he squats down. What can I do?
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:My lamb will not eat powerfuel, do you have suggestions on how to make him eat it, or a supplement that is similar that I can feed instead?
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:My lamb will not eat powerfuel, do you have suggestions on how to make him eat it, or a supplement that is similar that I can feed instead?
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:We have a lamb that weighs 107 and has a minimum fair weight of 127. Fair is in 47 days. He is currently on lamb slam 18% protein and champion drive 1/2 pound. He needs to gain weight (about .5 pounds/day) but his finish came on really fast. Suggestions to keep him trim/fresh and still gain weight?
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:Hi, I have been showing for a while now and am beginning to go to jackpots and larger shows. I was wondering if you know some picky showmanship critiques or questions. I know clean ear tags, trimmed hooves, and clean ears are important but I\'m not sure of what else I can look out for. Thanks!
Answer:Go to the home page and read the lamb guide for showmanship tips.
Question:how to build butt muscle on market lamb
Answer:Exercise and proper nutrition.
Question:Getting lambs back on feed? Lamb eats hay but not grains
Answer:try a different type of feed and limit hay.
Question:what kind of breeds are there/ what type is best for showing
Answer:Get a copy of your show rules and read them to find out.
Question:Can you feed a good supplement/top dress a all stock that is 15% lambs are around 80 lbs show that we shoot for is in spring and have 8 on feed ... Honor feed bill getting kinda high?
Answer:I would not go this direction. Not sure what you paid for the lambs, but to have a competitive program you cannot cut corners on the nutrition. Might be a better idea to cull down the number of lambs on feed. I might try to find a cheaper feed, but never all stock.
Question:How do I get shaggy leg wool for my lamb
Answer:Buy one with shaggy leg wool. Keep them clean and brush the leg wool to stimulate growth.
Question:So what do you use to treat lice, and what do you use for dandruff control on goats, I\'ve heard of vinegar but wasn\'t sure
Answer:Pyrethrin- check with your local feed dealer. THey will have a pour on or dust for lice. Spray your goat with a hair condition and comb daily to keep the hair coat clean.
Question:I have a 3-4 month old ewe that I am feeding 2lbs of 19% Honor Show a day. She gained 9lbs in 1 week. I believe some of the 9lbs is water weight because it is hot outside. My concern is, I will show her September 12 and I want her to weigh 130lbs. How can I slow her down but keep her fresh? Should I.... 1. Feed Daily 1lbs 18% Honor Show and 1lbs crimped oats? 2. Switch to 15% Honor Show? 3. Begin an exercise routine of walking and jumping?
Answer:I would start weighing once a week. Same day, same time, same feeding conditions and record to get an accurate Average daily gain. Then I would adjust the amount of feed daily to reach the weight goal. Whether you feed 18% of 15% depends on the type of lamb and how fat he is. Higher protein for earlier maturing lambs. Exercise is always a good idea.
Question:Ok so we have 4 lambs we are raising for 4H to show 2 in 1fair at around the 21st of July and the other 2 are going to be shown for 4H at another fair at the end of August the ones for July both weigh 52 lbs we do seperate when we feed I am very competitive and need to know what to give these lambs to gain and build muscle because when we got them they were very scronny and that was very u expected from this breeder. Help!!
Answer:Go to the home page and read the lamb guide.
Question:My lamb has been banded for 4 weeks and his parts are still attached but band is still tight, how long does this take usually or are all lambs different?
Answer:I would cut it off about 1" from the band.
Question:My lambs back is roaches a bit when bracing, are there any secrets to getting rid of it?
Answer:You will have to learn how to brace to show it out of him. Try different techniques to level out his top. Most of the time they are driving off of their front legs.
Question:What are some good exercise ideas for a market lamb?
Answer:go to the home page and read the lamb guide
Question:I have a 3 month old market wither that I plan to show this fall at the my local county and state fair. As of today he weighs 71 lbs. at 3 months old, and by State Fair time he will be pushing the weight limit. what can I do in the future to keep him from going over and at this age is 71 lbs a good weight for a market lamb.
Answer: May to October is 6 months. If he gains at normal rate= 12 lbs per month= 72 lbs for a total of 143. Not bad. Weigh ever 2 weeks to stay on track. Feed 3 % bodyweight, exercise when he gets a little more mature. Should be fine.
Question:i have several questions.. i show goats, so I know a little bit about lambs.. but I want to start showing lambs as well. 1. how much would a reasonably priced lamb be? (I\'m in Texas if that makes a difference) 2. if my county show is the second week of April, when does the lamb need to be born? 3. anything specific I need to know about lambs in general?
Answer:Go to the home page a read the lamb guide for selection. Most of these are covcered. As far as price- $300 up to thousands. If you read the guide, you will have a great concept of what to do.
Question:How can I get my show lambs to grow shag (leg wool) fast and thick? I have a few big shows coming up and my lambs don\'t have much shag... What they do have is rough looking. I\'ve been using Mane and Tail Shampoo and Conditioner but it isnt working fast enough....
Answer:Nothing is going to work miracles. It is genetic. I have tried several magic lotions to put on the leg wool- waste of time. Simply keep the legs clean and comb the leg wool to stimulate growth. If you want a lot of shag- you need to buy one that has it.
Question:My lamb is only 72 pounds and fair limit is 115 and only a little over a month can I quickly make her gain? Tried many ways but maybe you have something different...thankyou!
Answer:No secrets. Full feed with a high quality feed, exercise, proper health. Make sure she does not have any worms.
Question:what is a good feed for my show lambs that isn\'t pricy
Answer:I use honor show chow. All feeds that are balanced for show lambs are going to cost more than feeds for pasture stock. It does not make sense to spend a premium to purchase a good show lamb and then cut corners on the feed. If a bag of premium feed is $5 more per 50# than a cheap feed, you are looking at a total cost of about $55 to feed the better feed over a 6 month feeding period.
Question:I have a lamb for my county fair and when I lead him around the ring, he walks extremely fast. How can I slow him down?
Answer:a lot of practice at home
Question:I have heard that some people drench glycerin with very good results. We are currently drenching with egg drench but I am wondering if this will work. Any info would be great. Thanks
Answer:I have not used it in a drench. I am not much on drenching. I believe that you have more success by keeping the animal in their daily nutritional feeding program when you go to a show. Glycerol is basically a sugar, so I would think the benefits are energy. I googled it and came up with a number of interesting articles. I have never believed in drenching with anything that I have not tried at home weeks in advance. I have seem many drenches make the animals sick at the shows. Sounds like you have plenty of experience with the egg drench. If you want to use it, try it at home weeks out and see if you get the results that you seek. Good luck
Question:what is the best or most effective way to get lambs to add fat/cover 2 weeks from show? we have wormed evey 30 days, but just cant seem to keep fat on them very much.
Answer:I would not worm for 30 days straight. I would be afraid the excess de-wormer would cause issues with the rumen. I also would not de-worm unless I knew the lamb had parasites. I would take a stool sample to the vet to find out. As far as fat, I add a fat additive to the feed to increase the fat in the diet. I use Honor Show Chow powerfuel. Should make a difference in two weeks. There are also fat additives that are higher in fat than powerfuel (31% fat) that can add fat faster. Most are oil base and can be purchased at our feed store. Be careful, start out slow and watch the manure. If it gets to loose, you need to slow down.
Question:I know this question is wishful thinking Can a lamb born March 24 weigh at least 95 on July 25 to make a light weight class if all other circumstances goes our way,worm free ,other sickness ,stays on feed Thanks
Answer:I would not think it is possible.
Question:Protine for lambs
Answer:The recommended range is 15-18%. I use 15% on most. Only use 18% when I have an early maturing lamb or one that we need to burn fat off of. Search Honor Show Chow feeding strategies for goats.
Question:Breeder suggested the supplement z1l for sheep. Trying to get some advice on it before making that big of an investment.
Answer:I have never used it. I looked it up and found a product used by humans. Vitamin C, magnesium and potassium. All of these are included in most of the products for animals as supplements. Not sure what it cost, but I would not spend a lot on a it. For supplements, I use a fat supplement if I need extra fat and a protein supplement if I need extra muscle. An electrolyte if I need up pull weight off prior to a show. There are no miracle additives. It is all common sense. Save your money. You can purchase all of these additives and create your own supplement.
Question:I have a sheep that when touched, he freaks out. It has gotten worse the older he is. If he is touched while bracing he tries to jump over my 8 year old daughter. He is 150lbs and she is not strong enough to hold him down without a halter. Do judges look down on this? Any suggestions?
Answer:When judging, the judge has to be able to handle the animal. I cant answer for all judges, but I expect the animal to be trained to stand still. I would work as much as I could with the exhibitor, but it is a sheep "show". It is very difficult for young exhibitors to compete with veteran exhibitors due to size and experience. I would not expect an 8 yr old to show a 150 lb lamb. Might want to consider a smaller lamb next year. As far as what to do, tie the lamb for extended periods of time and handle as much as possible. At the show, walk, walk and walk to tire out the lamb so he will show better. You have your work cut out for you.
Question:How are Market lambs shown?
Answer:Go to the home page and read the lamb guide
Question:I\'ve been doing research on various web sites on using a treadmill to build muscle, but they all say different things. My main concern is that they say you will decrease the size of the muscle (loin and rack). Is that true and if so what can I do to prevent that from happening? Thanks
Answer:I do not use a treadmill. I have in the past, but stopped because I did not see the gains of other forms of exercise. You will have to analyze and determine if it works or not.
Question:What can you give/do to fill out loin in show lamb cant seem to get anyone to tell us
Answer:There is not anything that creates a fuller loin than the lamb has. Buy a lamb that has the type of loin that you want. If you pull the water off to lower the weight prior to weigh in at a show, simply rehydrate the lamb. No miracles out there.
Question: I have 9 year old girl & not very strong.try\'s very hard but can\'t walk lamb without halter. do you have any suggestion\'s? lamb ducks head & gets away from her.
Answer:Use the halter to show. The lamb knows he can get away and will continue to do so unless you train him otherwise. I know this is a little hard, but she needs to get a little mean and tough and jerk his head hard with the halter every time he tries to break. Do this repeatedly, daily and he will stop trying to break away. You can also train with a chain made "breaking" halter. I would also work this lamb by walking a lot prior to showing to tire him out a little and slow him down.
Question:how much melatonin do you give 150 lb. lamb? how long before show do you administer?
Answer:Not sure what you are using melatonin for. I cannot recommend any type of drug that is not approved for sheep.
Question:Whats the right way to stand a lamb?
Answer:Not sure what you are asking. Go to utube and search "showing lambs" to see how they are shown.
Question:What are some healthy was to hold a lamb at a particular weight
Question:Do you feed your lambs on a ramp? If so how long and how steep? If not, what height do you set the feeder in relation to the lamb? I heard ramps increase muscle but if they are not set right they can cause the lamb to break.
Answer:NO- I think a ramp causes the loin to break. We feed level with the head so they can eat easily without a strain on the neck.
Question:My lamb is always jumping on me and head butting me how do i get him to calm down?
Answer:Control. Simply let him know that you are the boss and shut down the actions as soon as they start.
Question:When I get ready to set my lamb he likes to come up on his back feet. How do I keep him from doing that?
Answer:You will have to force him down and put enough pressure on his head that he cannot jump up. Every time he does it and you move forward, you are training him that if he jumps you will let him move. Can be very difficult for a small person with a big lamb.
Question:I got a lamb that was small from the start being told by the breeder she would be fine and grow. She weighs 53lbs and needs to be at 100 by March 18 is this possible and if so what can I do what should I be feeding.
Answer:Not going to happen. 47 lbs in 65 days would indicate a daily gain of .75 lbs. Sheep do not gain that fast. All you can do is full feed.
Question:This is my first year showing and I was wondering what is a good way to get them to brace and how to harden up the back legs of the lamb?
Answer:Go to the home page and read the lamb guide first. From there, find someone that knows how to brace a lamb and let them show you the correct method. The third is to go to utube and search lamb showmanship.
Question:Got a lamb that is rounder in his muscle make anything to make squarer? I think its a genetic thing but thought i would ask. He has a huge loin and monstrous butt.
Answer:Nothing will change the muscle shape. You can add fat to the diet and the fat will fill in some of the creases. Just need to make sure you know how much fat the judge will allow that is judging your show. The fatter they get, the smoother they look.
Question:how do i make my lambs hips bigger and wider im feeding him 1 and a half pounds and walk him 30 mins a day what else can i do?
Answer:Not really anything to make the structure larger. The hips are the bone structure. The only thing that increases size of the skeleton is growth over time. If you are talking about increasing muscle, genetic potential, exercise and diet.
Question:Best way to get rid of fat on a lambs back?
Answer:Exercise and a higher protein feed. You can add a protein supplement. I like Honor show chow top dress. Follow directions.
Question:Any suggestions on how to grow leg shag?
Answer:Not really. I have heard that some use melatonin implants (search melatonin implants for sheep). I have not tried it. We simply brush the leg wool to stimulate growth.
Question:Do you have any suggestions on how to burn some fat off a lamb and give it a harder feel in a short amount of time
Answer:Cut the feed back and exercise. Add a protein supplement to the feed. I like HSC top dress. Follow the instructions on label.
Question:Hello, are there any good videos, shows, etc that a showman should look at that display top notch showmanship? Thanks!
Answer:There are a few on utube. just search 'lamb showmanship' on Utube to find. Some are actual shows that show kids exhibiting and Purina has a series on there where "experts" go over the procedures to show.
Question:My 6 month old Hampshire wether pretty much refuses to be halter-broke. I have tried putting pressure on the dock, and everything that I\'ve read about. Nothing is working. What can I do?
Answer:Be patient and persistent. We go through a halter breaking method. We start by tying the lambs halter for a bungee cord that hangs down from the ceiling. Make sure it is in an open area so he cannot jump up on anything. Once he learns to stand still while tied to the bungee cord, we start walking. We stay behind the shoulder and prompt him by tapping on his side or dock. We walk down the road away from the barn and on the way back to the barn, we stop and brace every 50 feet or so. Lambs are not very smart. Simply pulling on his head with a halter is not going to work very good. You need to "teach" him to move forward with the halter on his head.
Question:My show lamb does not like to be touched on back or rear. 2weeks of rubbing while tied. Not helping. U have any suggestions.
Answer:Just repetition. Handle when walking, on table, while bracing, etc. Brush him a lot. If he is real hyper, you can try melatonin tablets to calm him down. Make sure it is OK with the show rules to use the melatonin. Also need to try this at home weeks before the show to make sure it works.
Question:Is showing with your lamb\'s front feet on your foot still acceptable in Texas shows? What is or was the purpose of that?
Answer:I don't like it. I prefer all four feet on the ground. When you elevate the front end by putting on the feet or lifting, it makes the loin break in most cases and gives an unnatural look.
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