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Question:Question about banding, the ram lambs are banded and have been for about a week and a half, should I wait for the testicles to fall off or go ahead and cut them off?
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:Do you recommend feeding top dress from the beginning?
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:My family and I are very competitive with lambs. We bought a lamb online this year and he is extremely green, however, we like him. Our one concern is that he really breaks in his hip-loin junction. Will he fill in once he gets some feed in him? Thanks.
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:When it comes down to the final 2 market sheep and it is the final drive. Say the 2 sheep are almost identical in body mass, shape and muscle but 1 is a smidge longer and the other has more bone. I know all judges are different but which sheep do you think the majority will chose?
Answer:Depends on each individual person.
Question:I just bought a sheep from a huge breeder for 1000 dollars the wether was DEFINATLY worth it. I know the breeder goes to all the shows to talk and see their sheep and their owners. He said i picked one of the best ones right away and i dont want to let him down by letting the sheep lose everything. I feed high noon and was wondering about the best exercise, Short fast hard sprints 2x a day or long jogs?
Answer:Go to the home page and read the lamb guide.
Question:I just took my lamb to a prospect show and my lamb kept jumping on me. He never jumps at home when I work with him. The judge told me I was a great showman and I was able to keep control of my lamb, but I just can\'t make him stop jumping. How do I make my lamb stop jumping before the fair next month?
Answer:Repetition at home.
Question:what is the purpose of a show rail and what will it do for my lamb.
Answer:Do not know what a show rail is.
Question:It is Mid March...our show is in mid July... to build up leg muscle, do you recommend feeding lambs in an elevated feeder (say 46 inches) and that their front feet are on an elevated object so that they can reach the feeder. If yes, when should I start with the time line listed above?
Answer:I do not feed elevated. Exercise will build the leg muscle.
Question:I have 3 ewe sheep that i can use for showmanship. Recently at a show said my lamb and i are not naturally flowing together. Should I risk using her for showmanship again or use 1 of the others which are 2 and 3 yrs of age so are way bigger?
Answer:I would use the one that shows the best. Remember- it is one persons opinion on that day. All see priorities in showmanship a little different. Go with what you are comfortable with.
Question:I am trying to buy a lamb off of an online auction and there is a nice ewe i have my eye on. But without being able to actually handle the lamb I am not sure what to look for. Obviously, structure balance, bone, length, height. but is there a \"trick\" to seeing without feeling?
Answer:No- on line auctions scare me. I know a few that have purchased on line with luck and some that did not get what they thought they bought. If you do purchase on-line, make sure the breeder will allow you to trade or back out if the quality does not match in reality.
Question:my last show is less than 2 weeks away, my ewe lamb which weighs 155 lbs has a HUGE belly and a medium butt. im on 4 cups of feed a day 2oz., of heavy weight, half a teaspoon of 10% minerals, handful of alpha,and 1/2 cup of barley. Also 4 oz of oxy-gen supplements. how would I get a BIG butt and a SMALLER belly. I was told too exercise I don\'t have a track dog but I have a track. what are some good exercises too get \"show ready\" in less then 2 weeks?
Answer:Think about this just like it was a person. A big belly is not going to go away overnight. It takes a long time of overeating to expand the rumen. It is not going to pull back any quicker. I usually just cut back the volume of feed and exercise. I am assuming that you are showing the ewe in a market class since you are worried about the fill.
Question:My lamb is 11 months old and she has been hand walking with me perfectly, then after a prospect show that we won grand-champ, and showmanship at, I let her rest for a day then went to work with her and she has suddenly quit walking with me. How can i get her to start again?
Answer:Repetition. It sounds like she was trained to perform. That means that she knows what to do. Take your time and keep trying.
Question:My lamb is very muscular and had a good finish on the loin. How do I get more finish and a sorter filled out look on the hips and hindquarters?
Answer:To add finish- you need to feed extra fat. I like Honor Show Chow power fuel. Follow label directions or go to honorshowchow website and look up feeding strategies for goats. More muscle comes from proper diet and exercise.
Question:I need home practice advice. My lamb sets up great but doesn\'t hold his stance. I can set him right back up with out any problem but see lambs who stick it and do not move. I don\'t know what I\'m doing wrong so I can\'t teach him what I want him to do. This is my 1st year and he\'s been great other than this. I feel like it\'s something I am or am not doing that\'s causing it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Answer:Without seeing you drive the lamb, I cannot offer advice on what to change or why he might be moving. The movement is either a bad habit he has developed or you are doing something with his head or neck that is uncomfortable. I would find someone that is knowledgeable in showing and ask them to take a look at how you set up and drive to see if they see anything that might cause the movement. If not, then you have to re-train the lamb to stand still. Try hanging a bungee cord from the ceiling in an open area. Use a lamb halter and tie the lamb to the bungee with the halter- neck up and head level. Let him get used to standing - tied to the bungee about 15 minutes per day.
Question:My lamb has runny poop and eating good but looks skinner. I have given him little pepto but it\'s not working. What should I do?
Answer:Take him to the vet.
Question:What do I need to do if my lamb is being stubborn and won\'t hand walk.
Answer:Work, walk him 7 days a week until he learns to walk.
Question:How would you get muscle on a 145lb ewe lamb. I have a jackpot this Saturday and need more muscle rather then a belly.
Answer:Exercise. Think of the ewe just like you would yourself. If you wanted to lose your belly and build muscle, what would you do? Exercise and higher protein with less carbs and fat.
Question:Looking For A GooD Show Feed. We Have Fed Several Different FeedS Over The years But Looking For Some Help On What Feed And Supplements To Feed.
Answer:I like honor show chows program. go to their website and see "feeding strategies"
Question:What would you recommend for scours? Have major show in 4 days and my 160 lb. MW market lamb has scours. He is eating well and takes probiotics well. Have also allowed extra grass/alfalfa to help. Can not introduce anything that may get red flagged at show. thx!
Answer:You have to find out what is causing it, then treat it. Take a stool sample to the vet and follow their recommendations.
Question:The term fresh. What does it mean? How do you lose it and how do you get it back?
Answer:Fresh just means that the lamb handles firm with a smooth finish. If sheep are too thin, they handle too harsh (hard), if too fat, they handle stale. You have to know the difference as a feeder.
Question:We have to leave Monday afternoon for a major livestock show. The lamb will be shown on Thursday. On what day should I shear? (The lamb has to be sheared before we leave).
Answer:Sunday or Monday. It depends on the lambs hide and judges preference on whether I would shear with fine blades or surgical blades. Cant help you with which one to use.
Question:Is there any difference between club lambs and show lambs?? I have heard both names but didn\'t know if there was any difference.. Thanks!!!
Answer:No- same
Question:What do I do to make my lamb brace? He can set up right, but he doesn\'t push back like he is supposed to.
Answer:Go to the home page and read the goat guide. You can also scroll down these questions and find this addressed below.
Question:As far as exercise do you recommend every day or every other day?
Answer:It depends on each individual lamb, but usually 3 days per week
Question:How can I build more muscle from the loin to the hind quarters on my lamb? I have been doing leg workouts but they haven\'t been helping
Answer:I typically compare to human workouts. Most people would work out 3-4 days a week and then rest to let the body repair. Not sure how much you are exercising, but remember. Each animal only has a certain amount of genetic potential.
Question:If the lamb has wool and the blankets are fleece lined do you still recommend a sox
Question:What do you recommend for fungus prevention?
Answer:10 % Clorox solution, iodine shampoo, chlorhexidine, anti fungal shampoos. I have used these with success. Develop a plan. Ex. soon as you come out of the ring, go to wash rack, wash with 10% chlorox solution and anti fungal shampoo (see vet).Put on a clean blanket and halter. Wash all equipment used at the show. Repeat when you get home.
Question:How do you put the most muscle in a lambs butt? Sprinting 350yds or going backwards on a treadmill?
Answer:not sure, try both and determine results
Question:When showing the front view of a sheep in showmanship to the judge I have always learned to face the judge and bend down slightly. But recently have learned turning my back toward the judge and turning my head to him. Which do you prefer?
Answer:Probably turning and facing forward towards the judge. control head with both hands. front legs square, neck up out of shoulder and head level. Exhibitor standing upright.
Question:Where is a good place I can get a great quality lamb and a reasonable price?
Answer:Not sure what State you are in. Good question. Go to the lamb guide on the home page. It addresses options for purchasing lambs.
Question:I have a wether that I am wanting to add thickness to in his butt. Do you recommend any supplements? What is your advice? Thanks
Answer:If he is getting 15-18% protein in the feed, you have the muscle building part of nutrition covered. If not, add a protein supplement and exercise.
Question:How can I get cover on my ewe lambs back hips? She has a good cover on the rest of her body and a small belly I\'m trying to work off now I didn\'t know how to get some cover towards the rear of her. She is 9 months old. Thanks! Please reply ASAP!!!
Answer:Increase the fat in her ration. Go to the honor show chow website and look up feeding strategies for lambs. It will explain how to increase fat in your daily ration.
Question:How do you increase the sheeps leg muscle three months before show
Answer:Exercise and proper nutrition
Question:what additives can you add to the water of the lamb to help them do better?
Answer:No secret formulas- proper selection, nutrition, management and exercise are the keys to success
Question:When should you buy lambs to show at fair for 4-H?
Answer:Depends on when the show is. Check the rules for your local show by asking your county agent or Ag advisor
Question:What might be some questions the judge will ask in intermediate or senior showmanship?
Answer:Go to the lamb guide on the home page and see the showmanship section
Question:What is the recommended amount of fat in a show lambs feed?
Question:What supplements do you recommend? I feed high noons urban.
Answer:For a fat additive- honor show chow powerfuel For a protein additive- HSC- top dress
Question:I have a market lamb for our county fair in April. She weighs around 120 and the max weight is 160 she is getting 3% of her body weight in high noon plus a protein supplement should i hold her?
Answer:no- do not worry about the weight until the last 30 days or so. At 3% she should not gain more than 10 lbs per month, with exercise- less. You need to follow her progress, but should be fine. Weigh her every 7 days- same time of day- same conditions and track her weight gain.
Question:Has anyone heard of power plus supplements? If so what do ya think.
Answer:I have not used them. Google it and you will find info.
Question:It get boring just walking my lamb around. Is there anything else I can do?
Answer:Clean the pens, brush the lamb, practice driving, Work on showmanship, clean the water, etc.
Question:My weather is weighing 121 and will show the end of Feb. I\'m feeding 12oz show lamb(18%) 6oz fitter 35 and 4oz of champion drive, and a handful of alfalfa hay. My question is will it make the 150lbs. Limit with 140 days till show?
Answer:Not sure. Weigh the lamb each week, same day, same time, same conditions. Record weight weekly. In 3 weeks you can determine an average daily gain. Multiply by number of days until the show to see estimated gain, then adjust feed accordingly.
Question:My lamb has a dip between his rump and his loin. How do I get rid of it?
Answer:Fat is the only thing that will fill in the dip.
Question:I know this site is a lamb site but, I show both lambs and goats. My boer goat will not brace I have tried repeatedly backing him up or into fences and tried shocking him with a pig shock. Any thing to help him learn to brace?
Answer:Go to the goat site and look down the list of questions that I have answered to find the answer. In short, you need to think like the goat. My guess is that you are pulling his head each time you try to drive which auto causes him to pull back. Driving is accomplished with leg pressure and soft hands on the head.
Question:I have a blackface ewe lamb she is 6 months old and her mother and father both have really good genetics and large ribshape and racks. Is there anything I can do to increase the ribshape and rack? She is being fed high noon with a mineral supplement and Hi-Glo supplement mixed with water. Any thing will help for ribshape and rack.
Answer:Sounds like your feeding a complete ration plus. I am not familiar with your additives, so I do not know the purpose of feeding them. If you are feeding a reputable, complete lamb feed, she is getting full nutrition. You can feed extra roughage (hay) to expand her rib shape. Muscle comes from proper nutrition and exercise.
Question:My lamb has fluid in his knee and he limps. His knee is soft and he doesn\'t have a crack in his foot. What should I do?
Answer:GO to your vet and seek his advise.
Question:What is the best feed additives for high protein and lose weight and firm up muscles
Answer:Feed a reputable, complete lamb feed and a protein supplement. I use Honor 18% lamb feed and Top dress. See honor show chow website for more info.
Question:My nephew is 9 and 55lbs. I can brace his lamb and he is rock hard. He braces it and its as hard. Is it because he isn\'t big enough to push as hard as I do. If it isn\'t how can I Get him to push with less effort
Answer:I do not understand the question. If he braces and the lamb is just as hard- should be fine. If you are saying that he cannot brace as hard it is obviously due to his size. He is never going to be able to brace like an adult until he gets as big as an adult. Very difficult for small kids to show sheep.
Question:How hard should you exercise a lamb a week before show
Answer:Depends on a lot of factors that are not mentioned. Therefore, I cannot advise.
Question:Have lambs with slight cover over ribs need good way to burn it off two weeks before show
Answer:If you have determined that it needs to come off, increase protein and exercise. Beware, most lamb judges want a little cover to promote smoothness.
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