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Question:Hi, I have a fine wool whether lamb that does not finish his feed. Originally, I was feeding him dry purina show chow but adding mineral and stand alone supplement to it and he would eat everything but the pellets. Now I have added purina heavy weight supplement along with the other supplements and have added water as well and he still leaves half of the feed I give him. he weighs 96 pounds and I\'m giving him a pound and a half per feeding. We\'ve tried probias, vitamin B12 shots, molasses, and oats in his feed but he still won\'t finish it. Our county show is in 2 months so I need him to start eating everything soon. He has been exercised on the treadmill once a week and doesn\'t act like he is sick.
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:i have a ewe that is abnomally skinny, have been feeding protien and lots of good hay for over 3 months and she wont gain any wieght. she also stands funny on her back end from time to time. She has been dewormed 4 months ago , has a great appetite.
Answer:take a stool sample to the vet to see what is going on. He will advise on how to get her going.
Question:I read on this page that Dorset sheep are medium wool, but all the shows we go to put them in fine wool. Why is this?
Answer:Not sure. Dorsets are a Medium wool meat breed. They are solid white like Rambouillets and Delaine Merino, so they fit the color pattern of fine wools.
Question:Trying to put muscle on my show wether, any good minerals or proteins I should put him on for fast gain in muscle?
Answer:A high quality show feed, exercise and a fat additive.
Question:what can i do to make my lambs leg wool grow
Answer:rinse daily, blow out and brush should stimulate growth
Question:At home my lamb does perfect he sets up good and braces but when I get in the show ring he doesn\'t set up or brace what can I do to make him set up and brace
Answer:Practice a lot. Sometimes when you get away from the barn, they tend to act differently. Might help to change up your daily routine and walk him away from the barn in different directions and set up.
Question:What supplements do I need & where can I get a treadmill for my lamb?
Answer:Not sure about a treadmill. Seek on google.
Question:We had sand in our lamb pens and this year changed to quarter to dust limestone. This year we seem to have a lot more dust and respiratory problems. We spray down the pens once or twice a day to try to decrease the amount of dust, What is the best ground cover for lamb pens?
Answer:We use a manufactured coarse sand that works great.
Question:I have a Southdown that turned out really long when I sheered him and he\'s super small and I can\'t get to gain weight or fill out and he\'s getting a big scoop of food twice a day. What can I do to get him filled out
Answer:Feed, water and exercise
Question:i have dorper, i was told he is to wrinkly and i was wondering why this is and what i could do to prevent/get rid of them.
Answer:You need to manage his hide. Keep him clean. Blanket when sheared. The type of hide cannot be changed much. If he has a lot of wrinkles, not going to go away. Need to select one with a tight hide.
Question:MY sheep is acting like its dead it has been laying there for 6 hours and it is a little cold so I put a blanket on it and it didn\'t help, I was too scared to check so I don\'t know if its dead. Should I check?
Answer:Call the vet.
Question:Is there a supplement or mineral that will stop a lamb from pulling out leg hair?
Answer:Not that I know of. Wrap the legs with a leg wrap to prevent and/ or muzzle the lamb.
Question:If I have a Dorset Sheep, what do I classify him as? A medium wool or a Finewool?
Answer:Dorsets are a medium wool breed.
Question:My lamb has not ate for the past 4 days he had direha but now he\'s just not pooping at all. What should I do?
Answer:Take him to a veterinarian.
Question:How long do you recommend walking a lamb on a treadmill and what supplements do you use or recommend?
Answer:I use a wheat germ oil as a fat additive. I feed honor show chow textured feed. Different types of treadmills, I would work them until they start breathing hard and stop. I like show shake as a pre-show additive for stress and limited feed.
Question:Have a 2 year old ewe that is having trouble using back legs. Hasn\'t been on all four legs for 4 days. No fever, eats and drinks, looks healthy. Any idea what might be wrong with her?
Answer:No- seek the advice of your vet
Question:I practice bracing with my ewe lamb every day but she still doesn\'t stay still
Answer:Repetition. just keep on working.
Question:Have you heard about the laser treatments to prevent roaching for good? What is your thoughts?
Answer:No- some use a chiropractor to help this issue.
Question:How can I put size on 120 pound ewe market lambs quickly for breeding in october or November?
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:my lamb is very skinny. how do I get him to gain weight?
Answer:Not answered yet.
Question:Can I mix show bloom and champion drive feed supplements to get a blackface lamb to build more muscle
Answer:Sure- one is fat, the other is protein. Use recommended amounts and watch the feces. If he gets too loose, back off the fat.
Question:Is it acceptable to use an Australian Shepherd to run sheep for exercise? Or would that be too stressful on the sheep?
Answer:A lot of folks use dogs to exercise sheep. Dog needs to be trained not to bite.
Question:What\'s the best work outs for a lamb? Just in general to build up lots of muscles.
Answer:We run and use a treadmill. We walk them backwards on the treadmill.
Question:How can I get the more shag on my lamb? We wash and blow dry his legs about 2-3 times a week. Is there any products y\'all would recommend?
Answer:You are on the right track. Keep it clean, comb the wool to work it and promote growth.
Question:How do I get my lambs to fill out
Answer:feed, water, exercise.
Question:What is the best way to teach a lamb to set up?
Answer:We put them on an elevated table. One braces the lamb and the other places the feet in the correct place. Repeat daily. When they start standing correct on the table, we move to the ground. Lots of time and repetition.
Question:My lamb is starting to get toofat and my fair is a week away. Is there anything I can do to harden her fat or get her to lose her fat?
Answer:Less feed, Higher protein, more exercise.
Question:My lamb has a lot of muscle but I would like to get her fatter how to I make her bigger but still keep the muscle?
Answer:Add a fat additive to the feed. I use Honor Show Chow powerfuel
Question:My fair is 3 weeks away my lambs are 50 pounds. How do I get them 140 pounds. And they are they are really short , how do I get them taller.
Answer:You are not going to get them to gain 90 lbs in 3 weeks. Impossible. Next year, buy older lambs that have the frame size you are looking for.
Question:My lamb has some bare patches in his shag. What should I use to cover them up?
Answer:I would rinse the legs each day and comb them out to stimulate the wool growth. Not sure why they are losing the wool. Need to see if you can find out and prevent it.
Question:My fair is in a month and my lamb weighs 100 pounds. I need him to gain as much as possible!! How can I do thus
Answer:Fresh water, clean pens, cool area, good feed and exercise.
Question:What feed do you give shee to get them muscular and make their bodies grow
Answer:Proper feed and exercise
Question:This is my first year how do I win? Do you know about the round robin?
Answer:Go to the home page and read the lamb guide
Question:How to limit weight gain on show lamb. lamb weights 145 show 2 weeks away with 140 pound weight limit.lamb eating 2 pounds of high noon show lamb and 2 pounds of high noon original glow a day. Sprints for exercise every other daynwv
Answer:You are going to have to cut the feed intake back and increase exercise. The day of or before the show you may have to limit water to pull his weight back.
Question:Have a ewe lamb at 125# needs to loose fat in thirty days feeding umbarger 17% at1 1 1/2 pounds and 8 oz of champion. Drive per day and tracking them 3 days a week any other sugestions
Answer:Feed sounds about right. You are feeding a high protein diet. I would increase the exercise.
Answer:Go to utube and search "showing lambs". Watch a few training videos on showing sheep
Question:My lamb is really stubborn and won\'t stand or brace. He won\'t even let me walk him by his head! He freaks out and jumps around. The show is in a month. Any ideas?
Answer:IT takes a lot of time and repetition. Not sure why you waited so long to train. Go to the home page and read the guide.
Question:My lamb roaches really bad. When I push his back down he roaches more or he squats down. What can I do?
Answer:I would start by tying the lamb from a suspended bungee cord attached to the ceiling. Tie him to the bungee with a halter. Neck up out of shoulder and head level. Let him stand daily for 15 minutes or so and drive him after the time is up while still tied up. Most of this issue is caused by not training the lamb to drive properly. Sounds like he is driving off of his front legs instead of his hind legs.
Question:My lamb will not eat powerfuel, do you have suggestions on how to make him eat it, or a supplement that is similar that I can feed instead?
Answer:If he will not eat it, you need to find another fat additive. There are many on the market. The cheap way to go is add rolled corn and barley to the diet.
Question:We have a lamb that weighs 107 and has a minimum fair weight of 127. Fair is in 47 days. He is currently on lamb slam 18% protein and champion drive 1/2 pound. He needs to gain weight (about .5 pounds/day) but his finish came on really fast. Suggestions to keep him trim/fresh and still gain weight?
Answer:Half a pound a day is going to be tough unless the lamb is thin. I would offer him anything he will eat with limited hay. Exercise to increase the appetite.
Question:Hi, I have been showing for a while now and am beginning to go to jackpots and larger shows. I was wondering if you know some picky showmanship critiques or questions. I know clean ear tags, trimmed hooves, and clean ears are important but I\'m not sure of what else I can look out for. Thanks!
Answer:Go to the home page and read the lamb guide for showmanship tips.
Question:how to build butt muscle on market lamb
Answer:Exercise and proper nutrition.
Question:Getting lambs back on feed? Lamb eats hay but not grains
Answer:try a different type of feed and limit hay.
Question:what kind of breeds are there/ what type is best for showing
Answer:Get a copy of your show rules and read them to find out.
Question:Can you feed a good supplement/top dress a all stock that is 15% lambs are around 80 lbs show that we shoot for is in spring and have 8 on feed ... Honor feed bill getting kinda high?
Answer:I would not go this direction. Not sure what you paid for the lambs, but to have a competitive program you cannot cut corners on the nutrition. Might be a better idea to cull down the number of lambs on feed. I might try to find a cheaper feed, but never all stock.
Question:How do I get shaggy leg wool for my lamb
Answer:Buy one with shaggy leg wool. Keep them clean and brush the leg wool to stimulate growth.
Question:So what do you use to treat lice, and what do you use for dandruff control on goats, I\'ve heard of vinegar but wasn\'t sure
Answer:Pyrethrin- check with your local feed dealer. THey will have a pour on or dust for lice. Spray your goat with a hair condition and comb daily to keep the hair coat clean.
Question:I have a 3-4 month old ewe that I am feeding 2lbs of 19% Honor Show a day. She gained 9lbs in 1 week. I believe some of the 9lbs is water weight because it is hot outside. My concern is, I will show her September 12 and I want her to weigh 130lbs. How can I slow her down but keep her fresh? Should I.... 1. Feed Daily 1lbs 18% Honor Show and 1lbs crimped oats? 2. Switch to 15% Honor Show? 3. Begin an exercise routine of walking and jumping?
Answer:I would start weighing once a week. Same day, same time, same feeding conditions and record to get an accurate Average daily gain. Then I would adjust the amount of feed daily to reach the weight goal. Whether you feed 18% of 15% depends on the type of lamb and how fat he is. Higher protein for earlier maturing lambs. Exercise is always a good idea.
Question:Ok so we have 4 lambs we are raising for 4H to show 2 in 1fair at around the 21st of July and the other 2 are going to be shown for 4H at another fair at the end of August the ones for July both weigh 52 lbs we do seperate when we feed I am very competitive and need to know what to give these lambs to gain and build muscle because when we got them they were very scronny and that was very u expected from this breeder. Help!!
Answer:Go to the home page and read the lamb guide.
Question:My lamb has been banded for 4 weeks and his parts are still attached but band is still tight, how long does this take usually or are all lambs different?
Answer:I would cut it off about 1" from the band.
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